What is iTunes and what features come with it. 

Welcome the the information page about iTunes. We share the latests updates and releases of new features regarding iTunes. Apple is an innovating company, introducing new features on the fly. Here, You can read all about the latests changes.

What are iTunes Gift Cards

iTunes Gift Cards are used to top up your iTunes Wallet with credit to achieve only purchases. The amount of credit that is added to your wallet is equal to the value you have paid for the gift card. The Gift Card for iTunes was released by Apple, to make sure that anyone is able to purchase music, movies and apps online. Not everyone has access to a creditcard or Paypal account to complete online purchases. Therefore, you can buy iTunes Gift Cards with cash. In a sense, it is used to convert cash into online credit. To make sure that you can complete online purchases.

Where can I buy iTunes Gift Cards?

Looking for a place to purchase a iTunes Gift Card? There are several places where you can buy your beloved gift card for iTunes. Some examples of physical stores are: Gaming stores and Gas Stations or the Apple Store. If you rather purchase your Gift Card online you could try PCgamesupply for the US.  Or, visit the official apple page for other locations.

How to redeem a iTunes Gift Card?

Once you have purchased you iTunes Gift Card you will have add the credit to your iTunes Account. In order to redeem a iTunes Card it is required to have iTunes installed on your computer with an active account.

  1. Select “account” in the top navigation.
  2. select “redeem” which is at the bottom of the drop down menu.
  3. Enter the 16 digit code that is available on your purchased iTunes Gift Card.
  4. Click Redeem. And you are done.

Now the credit should be added to your wallet. You can use it to add music, movies and apps to your account. Spend it wisely. You can only spend it once.

The benefits of using  a Gift Card

Using a Gift Card brings a few benefits. First of all, the existence of a Gift Card enables all of us to give it is a present to a friend. It allows us to purchase credit for people we know. Without the requirment to connect your Paypal account or Credit Card. It is a good one time gift. Without the need to connect your account. Obviously, you don’t wont to provide long-term access to your online payment services.

Is it possible to get a Free iTunes Gift Card?

Just like with many other things in the real world it is pretty damn difficult to get a Free iTunes Gift Card. Obviously, you could ask your family or friends to buy you one. In this case, you received it for free. There are no real ways on the web to get Free iTunes Gift Cards. There are however, reward systems like the BING Reward system. Where you can save up points and afterwards redeem a Free iTunes Gift Card. This said, most of these things are really time consuming. But, you will receive your gift card at the end of the journey.

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