What is a iTunes Gift Card?

A iTunes Gift Card functions as an intermediate between cash and credit on your iTunes account. The card can be purchased with cash in several stores. And, provides a code you can redeem in the iTunes Store. When you enter the code your cash will be converted into iTunes Credit. This can be used to purchase all kinds of things on iTunes. When you buy a card for $10 in a store. You will also receive $10 in credit to your account. Thus, the value of the card is equal to the amount received on your account.

What is iTunes

Itunes is a software program developed by Apple. It enables users to listen to music, watch video’s and download apps all over the world on any Apple device.

On iTunes you can create an account which holds all the items you have purchased at Apple. You can get access to your items on your Iphone, Ipad, Macbook, Imac and many more. These days it is even possible to install iTunes on a Windows or Linux computer.

Where can I buy iTunes Gift Cards

Looking for a place to purchase a iTunes Gift Card? There are several physical places where you can buy a gift card for iTunes. Some examples of physical stores are: Gaming Stores, Gas stations and Apple Stores. There are also several online webshops where you can purchase the card. At the Official Apple website, you can browse for Apple Stores Close to you. 

The unlocked features

When you add the value to your account you can unlock features like Music, Movies, Online apps and all the other items on iTunes. It functions as a gateway for people who don’t have a credit card or PayPal Account. Without these online payment providers it is close to impossible to complete online payments. The gift card provides you the solution.

Is it possible to get Free iTunes Gift Cards?

No, it is not possible to get Free iTunes Gift Cards. There are many websites on the web who claim to give the cards away for free. Usually, they are just created for the sake of retrieving your private information. There are a few places online where you can get free iTunes gift cards though. Usually, these are reward systems, where you create an account and earn points over time. Never, does it happen that you can receive a free codes for iTunes within a few minutes of time. Be careful for these websites.

We have tested a few reward system that are available across the web to help you out. Overall, we have tested positive for PrimePrizes. This is a platform where you can earn Free iTunes Gift Cards by completing all kind of offers. Some or fun to do, some aren’t. So make sure you pick the right ones like playing video games and watching movies. We know from experience that it’s possible to claim the first prize on the same day you create your account.

It is the Perfect Gift

Can I buy it for a friend?

The iTunes Gift Card also provides a solution for those who would like to purchase a gift for a friend. When you have a mate who is fund of Apple and you know how much time he spends on his Apple devices. Treating him with a iTunes Gift Card might be the right way to go.

The cards can be redeemed until one year after activation. This will five enough time to redeem the code. Afterall, when the card hasn’t been used after a year. It might have not been such a good present.

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