Many people have been wondering what is Itunes U? We have seen many people raising this question in the forums of the iTunes community. Itunes U is a new software program developed by the engineers of Apple to support you in your quest for education. Apple has noticed that the iPad has grown in popularity for students studying at the universities. iTunes U is a software program that allows free education for students on the Ipad and Iphone!


What features does iTunes U offer?

iTunes U

In order to create some extra convenience while studying Apple buffed the iTunes U with a wide variety of valuable features. This software program works together with big universities like Stanford and other institutions. It allows teachers and students to make and deliver their homework through iTunes U. It allows to check for your list of grades and open up private discussions with the teacher when you do not agree with the grade you received.


Convenience for teachers with iTunes U

Teachers can use iTunes U to develop their lesson materials. With a few simple clicks on the button they can create and design their own lesson plans. On top of this, they can communicate and share their new lesson plan to all their students with one simple click on the button. The teacher can add instructions to make sure that every single student understands the steps that should be taken. Add value to the assignment and can check the results on his ipad once the students are done. Obviously, assignments come with articles and books that should be red. Instead of forcing students to purchase books, Itunes U allows to include additional lesson materials in the database. This way to teacher can easily communicate and provide the right articles that suit the assignment. Times of browsing through different courses on different locations are over. From now on, all the documentation for students can be delivered from on single platform.


Creativity is limitless with iTunes U

Itunes U allows you to use your brain in the most creative ways to educate students. With one click on the button you are allowed to upload apps, books, videos and podcasts and other primary sources available on iTunes. Imagine, that you have noticed that an assignment is really difficult to describe on pager. In order to make sure that all students are instructed. You tape yourself in a podcast where you briefly discuss all the instructions and points of interest that should be taken in consideration. Once you upload the video, the students are able to watch the podcasts and understand all details of the assignment.


Convenience for students with iTunes U

iTunes U on iTunes

Since I am a student myself I know how time consuming it is to catch up with all the deadlines for different courses offered on the university. Moreover, there are fixed deadlines that can be found on the software programs of the university themselves and on top of that there are also the minor deadlines that are only provided during the lessons themselves. When you follow six different courses in one block you might feel the need to have one centralized system where are your homework is stored. This is exactly what iTunes U offers. As soon as the teacher publishes a new assignment. It pops up in your to do list. This allows you to know what you should do on which moment. Moreover, once you have completed assignments you can upload them from the exact same location. And even check back and make adjustments to the upload when this is allowed in the configuration set-up by your teacher.


Start discussions outside class on iTunes U

As if the features mentioned above aren’t enough. You can start a discussion on iTunes U with your teacher and even include other students. Often, it happens that you are working hard to complete a deadline. But while you are working on the assignment you have the feeling that you are missing a few pieces of information. The only thing that you can do is send an email to you teacher. However, this takes a few hours to a few days before you get a response depending on your teacher. To make sure that these inconvenient situations won’t occur. You can use the discussion section in Itunes U to ask your fellow students for help. The fellow students will receive a pop-up that you are looking for some additional information. Usually, there is always one student or teacher that is willing to help you out and provide you with the valuable information you need to complete the assignment before the deadline.


The Downsides of the iTunes U.

Itunes U offers a lot of valuable features and will support students in their quest for education. However, we should keep in mind that working with small devices like Iphones and Ipads will result in damage to your eyes. Recent research have showed that young children who stair at a small device for a few hours a day have a very high chance to develop myopia. Therefore, we recommend to avoid using this types of lesson materials for the younger pupils. We don’t want to be responsible for myopia for many children.

It always good to listen to some sweet music while you are studying on the Ipad. If you don’t have music yet. You can redeem a Free iTunes Code to make sure that you can add your favorite music to the iTunes library.

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