It happens every day, over and over again. People just don’t seem to know how to Download iTunes. They spend a lot of time searching the web for the right source. But eventually they end up with nothing. Maybe, they even crossed some risky websites in their search for the download. It’s nothing new that there are a lot of websites around that offer downloads with files added, that aren’t always friendly to your computer software and hardware. Therefore, you should follow this guide if you want to install iTunes on your computer in the only right, safe and fast way available on the web.

Don’t download iTunes from untrusted websites.

As we covered in our introduction it is evident that you shouldn’t just start searching for the first website that pops up to download iTunes. There are a lot of websites around on the web that offer a lot of different type of downloads. Think about, regular computer software, tools, games and many more. Even though the downloads offered on these “Download hubs” as we call them, are usually functioning well. You should check the files before you actually install them to your hard drive. Since many people don’t know how to check the files and the people who have bad intentions get smarter day by day. We provide the following rules of thumb: “Don’t download from any regular website, unless you have advanced knowledge check the inside files.

Download from the official Apple website!

Now that you know the sources you shouldn’t download your iTunes software from. You might be wondering where you can download the right software installation package. There is only one trusted source and this is theĀ Official Apple website. Since Apple is the developer of the iTunes platform it is evident that they are the only trusted source for the download. And remember this lesson for in the future. If you are looking to download a specific software program. Find out the name of developers and search for the official website of the developers.

Should I consider my Windows version?

The simple answer is, no! You don’t have to consider your windows version because Apple has been so friendly to do this for you. Once you enter download page on the official Apple website, it tracks the version of windows you are using. This way it will always serve you the correct files. You can check it though. For example, when you work with the 64 bits version, you download will be named iTunes64Setup.exe. The 32 bits version is named iTunes32Setup.exe. If your download matches the name. You are certain that you acquired the right file.

I don’t have any experience, should i continue?

If you don’t have any experience with downloads or installations you can still proceed. We know that there are still a lot of people around who aren’t familiar with installations. Therefore we also provide a noob guide for the installation of iTunes. Moreover, the installation doesn’t require any professional adjustments. A kid could do the work!

How to install iTunes?

So now that you have obtained the right files to install iTunes. We will proceed with the installation process.

iTunes Download

if you are using Google Chrome as your browser the file should appear like this at the bottom of your browser. Otherwise you should click on the Windows button in the left bottom corner of your screen. Now, type in downloads and open the map that appears. Your downloaded file is located here. Filter on last added files and search for iTunes. If done correct, it’s the first file.

  1. The first thing you will have to do is open the .exe file by clicking on it.
  2. Once the file is open you will see the welcome screen of the iTunes installation. Click next.
  3. At the top you will find three options: Add iTunes to destkop, Use as default player and automatically update. You can check all three
  4. Next, select the language you want iTunes to have. This could be your local language or in English (If you want to follow tutorials online, this recommended).
  5. Now click on “Install”.
  6. Depending on the security of you computer you will have to accept permission for Windows Defender, or other Anti-virus programs. Simply click “yes” for all of them.
  7. The installation process will be completed automatically, no more actions are required.
  8. When finished, click on the “Finish Button”.
  9. iTunes will automatically launch, and you can start enjoying your favorite music, apps and movies!

Now, iTunes has been installed successful on your PC. You can start use it to download your favorite music, apps and movies.





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