The experience with Apple iTunes is only complete, when you exploit all the possible features. Today, we will introduce a feature that allows you to share your iTunes Music and Movies among all your devices. This could be an Ipad, Iphone, Mac book and any other Apple powered accessory.

Apple is worldwide known for its user friendliness and the inter-connection that can be made between its devices. In this blog you will learn how to set-up the Apple home sharing feature. This feature allows apple users to atomically share and synchronize their iTunes Music, Movies and apps to all in-house Apple devices. There isn’t a lot of technical knowledge required. The configuration is designed to be understandable with low technical knowledge. So don’t worry, you will succeed. And, when that happens. Your iTunes library can be opened from every single location in your house. As long as you are connected to your WIFI connection.

I can imagine that you have been working on your Mac book most of the times. And during your working weeks, you have gathered some great music to listen too. The only issue is that the music is only located on the laptop. This by itself isn’t really an issue. But now that you have some extra free time. You are laying on the couch and enjoying the sun in the garden. Now, it might be handy to have your iTunes library available on all your apple devices. Because, it is way more convenient to control your sound system with your mobile phone. Rather than having to move your laptop all the time. By follow the step by step tutorial you will be able to set-up the configuration within 10 minutes. If you don’t know how to update your Apple device? Please, do so before you continue. 


Home Sharing for the iTunes Library

To set-up the iTunes Apple home sharing experience. You should have iTunes installed on your main computer that stores the files. In the top menu,  expand the button called “file”. In this location you will see the feature “Home Sharing”. When you expand this option you should click on the option to turn it on. Remember that every computer is stupid. Even though we call it smart objects there days. Every single piece of software should be told what to do. This is the same for the Home Sharing system.  


turn on home sharing


Home Sharing Configuration to share iTunes Music and more

Now, you should continue to optimize the configurations to your personal preferences. Obviously, if you have downloaded sensitive movies. You know what I mean. It is evident, that this shouldn’t be shared. Because, everyone who is connected to your personal Wi-Fi connection can browse through and download the files. When you already have children, this might not be wise idea. Maybe, you even have movies that shouldn’t be seen by your own lover. Just joking!


Anyway, In order to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Please, open up your iTunes again. Here, you click on “edit” in the top menu of the dashboard. Next you click on “preferences”. This will open the configuration menu. Like I already mentioned in the beginning, iTunes is designed by Apple. And, Apple products come with a certain comfort for the user. This is also obvious when we look at the configuration menu in front of you right now. Everything is self-explanatory, but still we will guide you through the process.


itunes music playlist preferences


First of all, you will need to enable “Sharing to local network”. Once activated, the limits to sharing should be selected. If other people are allowed to browse through all your files stored in the iTunes library. Enable the option to share the entire library.


Share entire iTunes library


Configure your iTunes library for privacy

If you have some files that should be off limits. It might be good to make sure that you only enable “share selected playlists”. Simply check all boxes, except for the playlist that stores your private files. This setting alone, will make sure that this unchecked boxes will never be shared. Of course, it might happen that you still want all the files to be shared. But you want some more privacy. In this case, you can lock all your files with a password. Simply enable the box that states “Require Password” and enter your password. Anytime, someone is trying to access your files. They are required to enter the password you filled in. Don’t duplicate your Wi-Fi password here. Make it unique, and something that only you remember.


Apple home sharing configuration


Accessing Home sharing from your Iphone.

If you don’t have it enabled on your Iphone yet, you should go to the general settings in your phone. Now start searching for the tab that states music. If your Iphone is up to date, you should see the home sharing configuration at the bottom of the music tab. The only thing you will have to do, is connecting your Apple ID to your mobile phone. If it’s already there, you’re done. Otherwise, simply enter your Apple Username and password. Now that this step is done. You click on the main button, to go back to the main menu. Here, you search for your Music App. Open it, and search for the categories. The Playlists should be located here.


Add free songs to the iTunes library

Now that we have guided you to the process of Home Sharing. It is time, to help you out with one other thing. Because recently a new service was released for iTunes. It enables you to add some free music songs, videos and apps to your iTunes library. This is all realized through the giveaway of free iTunes Gift Cards. You can only get one, but the value goes as high as $50. Thus, if you have some spare time left. You should check it out. And maybe you are the lucky winner. Go her, if you want to install iTunes the correct way. And after you redeemed your code you can use our tips to spend your gift card


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