Apple update with iTunes

iTunes is a wonderful piece of software that is complementary to all IOS systems. If you are the proud owner of an Apple device. Your device is running according to the IOS software. iTunes and OTA also referred to as Over the air. Can be used to frequently update your device. Without any risks of damaging your hard drive, and loosing files. Obviously, you should always create a back-up of your files. Just in case, something is going wrong.


Updates for IOS are used to fix errors in your Phone, bugs, and introduces great new applications to work with.


As a dedicated IPhone user, you should be happy that there are frequent available IOS updates for your Apple device. Updates are necessary to make sure that you can continue working on your mobile without any issues. Frequently, new errors and bugs occur. This can cause awkward situations where your phone simply stops working. Updates exists to solve the issues of bugs and other errors caused due to incompatibility with other software systems. Incompatibility holds that the software on your device doesn’t know how to communicate with the software from other devices or applications.


Thus, if your IOS IPhone is showing signs of errors. Some errors: Shutting down, instant low battery, or maybe it is very slow. It might be a wise plan to start updating your Apple device. In case, that you facing any of the previous mentioned issues. An Apple update still provides additional features to work with. And this could be valuable for you. Of course, this depends on the person who is using it.


When we compare the updates of Apple devices with those that are supported by Android. We notice, that the updates on the IPhone are launched at the same time across the whole world. With Android, this process might take a few months, due to approvals that should be granted by the owner of the Android system. In fact, updating your IOS device almost goes automatically. But for those who required a manual install. Or for those, who would like to have an increased amount of configuration settings. iTunes software installed on your Windows PC or Mac. Offers the best solution. While your phone is connected to iTunes. Do not forget to run the automatic back-up.
You can have two ways to find out whether you can update IOS. You get a message that the update is available. Whether there is a ‘1’ in the Settings app. However, you should have to be aware that your iPhone or iPad are always be connected to the switched data on a mobile network or WI-FI connection. Otherwise, you will not be informed. This is the easiest way to update your iOS successful without problems and defects. And that only through Wi-Fi.

IOS updates on iTunes


How to Automatically update your IOS Iphone and Ipad?

To start off, following the steps written down here:

  1. Click on the Settings app.
  2. Scroll a little bit down to General and tap on it to open.
  3. If there is already an update available, there is a red ‘1’ visible.
  4. In the map of General, you tap on Software-Update. Also, this one has a red ‘1’ if the update were already available.
  5. After that, there will be an update visible. Also, some more information about the update itself. Tap on ‘Download and Install’ to update your phone.
  6. Do not worry if it looks like your phone or tablet has been shut down. That is a part of the update.

You can install the update at any time. It is not an obligation but from personal experience the updates are always convenient.

One important thing to know is that when your phone or tablet is below 50% battery, the update can not be done. For this example, you can recharge your phone in advance but you can during the update put your phone or tablet to the charger.


Install the Apple Updates for the Ipad and Iphone manually with iTunes.

This part is a little bit more complicated. In case, you’re not connected to Wi-Fi the update can’t be continued or even started from the beginning. However, if there is a Wi-Fi points in your area when you are out of internet. You can update your device when you need too.
First of all, you need to have iTunes installed on your PC. Just in case, you don’t have iTunes installed yet. You can simply download it from the official iTunes website. You will be prompted to connect your device to your computer with a Lightning cable. Also make a backup in case anything goes wrong there. For this you can use iCloud or iTunes.


Below we will describe how to download the IOS update on iTunes.
1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC with the lightning cable.
2. Start iTunes.
3. You will see your device pop-up in the upper left corner of iTunes. Click it to see more options.
4. Here are two options. Check for Update and Restore iPhone. Click on Check for Update to see if the update is available. If so, you can simply download and install the update.


BE CAREFULL: DO NOT click on the option Restore iPhone. This will remove everything from your iPhone. You can use this function if you want to sell the phone to someone else. Otherwise, you are screwed and all your data is at risk. It might get deleted forever. So pay attention here!


If you are interested in more iTunes configuration settings, and tutorials to guide you through the process. Please, continue reading our other blogs. Also, learn to synschronize your iTunes library to all your apple devices! And, how to download iTunes This way you can get the most out of your Apple devices! If you are looking for a possible way to get free music, apps and movies than use the iTunes Codes Generator.

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