iTunes the ideal software to manage your collection of your favorite songs and videos. The service continues to expand its position in the market by continuously updating and adding new features. It is the home of Apple music, which provides access to millions of songs composed by popular dj’s like Zane Lowe work behind the scene to make sure that you can enjoy the best music around. All entertainment that iTunes has to offer awaits you on your Macbook, Ipad and Iphone.

Obviously, ITunes is not only for the Mac. This great application is also available for Windows. And, allows you to organize and play music videos on your desktop or laptop. As well as books, podcasts and apps, through the iTunes Store. If you want to add something to your library, you can purchase it with one click on the button.

Use iTunes to synchronize your Apple devices without the ICloud.

If you do not use iCloud, iTunes is very useful for synchronizing and storing files on your iPhone and iPad and other devices. You can find iTunes Preview Pages on the internet. Content providers are using iTunes CMS to administrate their media. Developers are using “iTunes Connect” to administrate their apps and games. iTunes is not required to back-up your iPhone or iPad. Since back-ups can easily be applied with the ICloud.

What is new about the iTunes update 12.6

Again, Apple has released a new update: iTunes 12.6 update. The newest version is the iTunes 12.6.100 update. You will see this number if you have not updated your iTunes to the 12.6 version yet. If you already have done the update before, you will only receive a notification of one update in the App Store.

In the new update the option ‘’Show on Profile Page’’ is deleted. This option was a part of the Playlist Edit Page. It may be that Apple is still working on this option. According to Reddit users, the option had little to no effect.  Also, it could be that the option was forgotten by Apple. It may also be that Apple had forgotten to work on the function or remove. There is a chance that the option will return, but it is not certain yet.

Watch your iTunes movies offline!

There are more than 85.000 movies on iTunes you can watch. You do not even need WI-FI to watch a movie. Therefore, you need to download the movie and you can watch It offline. This is very useful if you are on a travel. For the movie renters among us, there are also new updates available. Now you can  view rented movies on all of the apple devices in your possession. Until recently, it was only possible to watch movies on one device at a time. But by making this update, you do not have to worry about it anymore.
Their slogan is  ’’Rent once, watch everywhere”. Right now, you can watch iTunes movies synchronized on your iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and other viewing devices! Also, you can rent a movie from your Mac and view them on your iPhone or iPad. And when you have AirPlay enabled, you can watch your movies on your AppleTV.

But, before you can continue, there is a catch. To complete this new update, all your Apple devices need to have the following operating systems. Unfortunately, these updates aren’t available on all Apple devices. Thus, if you have an older Apple device, you might consider an upgrade. IPhone and iPad need to have IOS version 10.3. And your AppleTV needs to have tvOS version 10.2.

It is evident that the iTunes update only works on the latest versions of iOS and tvOS, because it is only available in the Beta version. Therefore, we can conclude that the updates are very close to coming. When? Hard to say! We gamble late this month.

How to apply the new iTunes update?

But how can you apply this new update yourself? Well, follow my lead. And don’t worry, all the updates on the Apple devices can be applied almost automatically. And do not require a lot of effort from the user.

  1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Click on the Updates tab.
  3. Search for the iTunes app in the list.
  4. Click on update.
  5. You phone will automatically connect with the Apple servers.
  6. The update is complete.

The competition in the streaming market is increasing drastically for Apple. Which was also mentioned in the previous quarterly briefing of Apple. The spokesman mentioned that competitors like Netflix and Amazon and many comparable firms are improving their services. Therefore, Apple is creating new added value for its customers by making their movies from the iTunes Store and the video streaming overall available on multiple devices. According, to the managers of Apple, this is their new unique selling points to create loyal customers.

If you have issues with updating your IOS go here. And, if you are still wondering where you can download iTunes for free. You might read our guide to download iTunes. After you have downloaded iTunes you can always visit our homepage!

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