iTunes is an install able software for the mobile, iPad and computer and allows people to listen to their favorite music on all their devices at random locations! But listening to music on iTunes comes with a price. Sometimes it will cost you around five euro or dollars to get a simple song. For this reason, we decided to provide all the beneficial features you can exploit to get iTunes music.


#1 Free iTunes Music from websites – Imusic

imusic for free itunes music


There are websites available to enable you to get iTunes Music. Imusic is a great piece of software, that enables you to convert music from regular music websites into MP3 or 4 formats. Additionally, you can store these formatted music files you just downloaded in the iTunes Library. Enabling this music for iTunes to be played on all your devices! To get theĀ  music on your device you simply install Imusic. Once you have it installed you can open the file and click on “get music”. You will have three different section you can exploit. Discover, download and Record. Download is the on you will be needing. Unless, you would like to explore new music. When you open the downloads tab, select the music you want and start your download. The music files will be stored on your computer! Now, drag them to the iTunes library folder and you are done.


#2 Wait for it and receive it!

free itunes music


If you don’t feel like going through all the hassle. Of downloading your music files and reallocating them to the right folder. Which is possible if you haven’t done this procedure before. You can simply wait for the free iTunes music to come in. Every week iTunes will release free music on the iTunes platform. They call this feature “Free on iTunes” and you can find it in the panel to the right. This is only visible when you log in on the PC. Within the right panel you will find “Free on iTunes”. Enter this section, and you can browse through all the music that is available for free that single week on iTunes! Obviously, this won’t help you to get the specific music you want. However, it does provide you with a nice element to expand your interests when it comes to music.


#3 Use Youtube to fill your iTunes library with free music

It is also possible to convert music from Youtube to regular mp3 and mp4 formats. Just like in the first step where we offered a software program that does all the work for you. You can manually convert Youtube videos into just the music. This holds that software will take the youtube video from youtube, starts downloading it and will remove everything but the music and stores it in a mp3 file. However, if you rather keep the video because you want to stream it in your car while driving. You can also choose to maintain a mp4 format. Usually, you just enter the link of the video. Thus, the complete url. And you click in convert. Great websites you can use that will do the work for you are:, and

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