Listening to music in this day and age is mostly done on a smartphone, the mp3 market has been eliminated by the rise of the smartphone. The majority of the smartphones run either on Android or iOS. If you choose an Android phone, most likely you will play your music through Google Play music. However some people do like iTunes way more than Google Play Music. Or what if you switched from Android to iOS. Is it possible to move your Google Play Music purchases to iTunes?

Imagine, you just received your Free iTunes Gift Cards and all of a sudden you want to swap places. You’d rather continue on iTunes than proceeding with Google Play music. Because now you can get listen to music and download apps that should be paid. But aren’t for you. A great additional benefit!

To state the obvious, there is no easy practical manner to automatically sync Google Play Music with iTunes. The purchases made in Google Play Music won’t transfer automatically to iTunes, there are no official plug and play options either. This entails that if you connect your iOS device to your PC the Google Play Music will not automatically sync. However moving your Google Play Music purchases can be done manually if you are up for the labor. Lucky you! It is super easy to do and even quite quick, depending on the amount of music to be transferred. Once you are finished you can start using your iTunes Gift Cards retrieved from us combined with your previous list of music!

First of all, we’ll discuss some misconceptions and rumors. After that we’ll go into the details of how you can sync Google Play Music and iTunes.

  • There is no need to convert your music files when downloaded from Google Play Music. Some people mention that you would have to change from Mp3 to Mp4, this isn’t true, iTunes will do it for you!
  • There is no need for a third party software to rip/record the tracks and upload them into iTunes.



How to transfer Music from Google Play to iTunes?

Step 1 is optional but advised since it’ll make your work way easier.

1) Create a new folder which can easily be accessed to store the files at first.


2) Open Google Play Music in the browser and look for “MyMusic”, this is located on the left hand side


3) Then make your way to “Music Library”, this can be found by pressing the menu button (the three lines)


4) Press “Albums”.


5) Then you would have to download the albums you wish to transfer, this can be done by clicking the three dots and selecting “Download”


6) The next step would be to select your download location, remember the folder from step 1? Or you could use any folder you’d like


7)  Now step 5 and 6 should be repeated until you’ve downloaded all music you wanted to transfer


8) To finalize, open your iTunes, here you can drag and drop the music you downloaded and it’ll be added into the library


This is all you will have to do, quite easy right? And when you’ve added your music, you could delete the folder with downloaded music or you can keep it for future use.

At this point of time there is no bulk download method in Google Play Music yet. Therefore this method is quite time consuming if you have a lot of music. However until Google Play Music adds a feature like bulk download you would have to do this manually.

But you shouldn’t forget that on a regular basis people pay for the Apple service. However, you are able to get most without paying with the gift cards for iTunes!

If you know of any quicker method please let us know in the comments, or even if there would be a cool tip please feel free to post a message.

If you don’t have iTunes installed on your pc yet. Please visit our guide to download iTunes.

Next, try to set-up the configurations so you can Watch iTunes movies on your Iphone Ipad and Apply TV.

If you don’t have any movies yet, you can retrieve a iTunes Gift Card for free to watch your favorite movies and download your favorite apps!


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