iTunes Gift Cards are widely used by people as a gift under the people who are fund of technology. You can use the card to buy a wide range of different products ranging from apps for your Apple device all the way to movies to stream on your IPad. It’s difficult to decide what to choose. Therefore, we made a list of recommendations you can use. Don’t spend your holiday gift on something random or the first thing you see. Just continue reading and see whether there is anything interesting.


iTunes purchase #1: Latest Harry Potter edition

J.K. Rowling has recently released the latest book of the Harry Potter series. The new edition is called Harry Potter and the cursed child. This book will bring excitement for the Harry Potter fans who have been dying, while waiting for this new edition to be released.

Itunes: Harry Potter and the cursed chil

In this version Harry Potter is employed in the ministry of magic where he works hard to support his three children who he takes care of together with his wife. One of his sons is named Albus. He is having a tough time in his youth. After all, everybody knows who his father is and that causes interesting situations.


This one is for the people who love magazines!

Recently the App Store added an awesome new app that includes 200 magazines into one giant database. And for just $10 a month you can subscribe and use this database to browse through all the magazines you like. The era of making a single payment for your magazines is over! With Texture, you can access all the magazines on your mobile devices.

Get Texture on iTunes
There is a wide range of magazines available you can choose from! Just to give you an illustration of a few. There is Vogue, Bloomberg, and Sports Illustrated. These three magazines are all targeting a totally different public. So you can use ‘Texture’ to get information from a wide range of different magazines. It doesn’t matter what you like in a magazine this app will have something you like! In the meanwhile, you could try out some other magazines to see if you like them!
If you subscribe to Texture you can use your account on five different devices at the same time. There is also a function to read magazines while you don’t have access to the internet with the offline download modus. You can save a magazine on your device to access it any time. When it concerns the catalogue of the app includes magazines all the way down to the last 5000 issues.


ITunes app: Super Mario Run

We all know Super Mario from that Nintendo 64 console we used in our younger days. And recently this famous character is introduced to the Apple Store with the app called Super Mario Run. You can download the app for free, so no gift card money spent yet. The first three stages in the game are there for you to try out. If the game is fun, you can decide to spend $10 to purchase the World Tour.
The game is designed to be played with one hand. Mario continues to run forward while you need to control this iconic character with your fingers. On the way you will find obstacles you need to avoid, while simultaneously staying on the lookout for Coins to gather points. On the way you will have to pounce Goombas to clear the way. This game falls into the category of time runners. The player who reaches the flag pool with the fastest time will be high in the leaderboards.
The game even has a multiplayer mode built in. You can activate it to battle against your friends and see who can manage to get the best time and be the ultimate champion. This mode is called the Toad Rally and can only be accessed once you acquire a Rally ticket. You receive tickets by clearing different stages in the game.


Subscribe to Apple music

You can also spend your ITunes Gift Card to subscribe to Apple music. Apple music is comparable to Spotify and will allow you to stream music from on your mobile device, computer, tablet etc. The app license will give you access to a great database of music you can explore. You can create lists with your personal favorite music and make it offline available of your IPhone for traveling. It requires a monthly payment of $10/month accessible for one person only. If you want it available for more than six persons you can take the $15/month subscription. Students in the US receive a special discount, they can subscribe for just $5 a month.


Get the recently introduced Apple TV for Minecraft

Minecraft is a builder game, where you can adjust every single option in your own world. You can create houses, build underground tunnels, build a castle. But in order to do so you will need to farm your resources in the open world.

Minecraft available on Apple TV
Minecraft has stolen the hearts of many online games and is now available on Apple TV. You can start venturing the world on your big Television screen and build your own designed world! The game is available for $20 and is compatible with the fourth generation of Apple TV.

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