Testimonials of users.


  1. Leo Kastra

    Thanks for the $100 iTunes Gift Card! This is the best gift I’ve ever had so far!

    • Winton Brady

      It worked for me too! Thank you webmaster

    • Odin Sidney

      I got a $50 iTunes Gift Card! buying some new app now 😀

  2. Philip Nozear

    100% Working! +1

  3. Niles Corwin

    +1 This site is legit!

  4. Violette-Maha

    Awesome this worked for me! I can buy a ton of new songs now.

  5. Raj Dip Roy

    Wow nice

  6. Torydradi

    This service made my day! I received a $100 Free iTunes Gift Card! Any suggestions on some cool apps I can buy?

  7. Arno Den Holde

    First of all everyone who thinks that this doesn’t work. Shut up, please. I tried every single card available on this website and I was able to get one of all. Obviously, you need to fill in a survey. It’s a small thing they want you to do before they give you something really expensive! So stop nagging, and just do it. Because it is an email for a lot of free apps and music on your Apple device!

    • Lovethis

      This really worked for me! Thanks and +1 for the creators

  8. Sabrina Timmoo

    Yes I totally agree with Arno Den Holde. This is indeed an awesome service! I just don’t get why not many people are using it. Well, maybe it is better to keep it a hidden secret!

  9. Jack the man

    This is indeed high quality that is offered! Maybe we should do something to help this website get more traffic? We want to make sure that more people will get the free cards right? Maybe we can post it on social media or a Apple Blog.


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